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Apartments and rooms Lovran 18362, Lovran - ExteriorOnline Booking
Lovran (Riviera Opatija)
22.50 km

House 18362 in the town of Lovran, Opatija - Kvarner has accommodation units of type Studio flat (1) and is 2.5 km away from the sea. The nearest beach to this…

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Apartments and rooms Mošćenička Draga 18337, Mošćenička Draga - ExteriorOnline Booking
Mošćenička Draga (Riviera Opatija)
8250 m

House 18337 in the town of Mošćenička Draga, Opatija - Kvarner has accommodation units of type Apartment (1), Room (2) and is 250 m away from the sea. The…

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Apartments Opatija - Pobri 18332, Pobri - ExteriorOnline Booking
Pobri (Riviera Opatija)
51.40 km

Accommodation units of type Apartment (1) can be found in house 18332 in the town of Opatija - Pobri, Opatija - Kvarner. The house is 1.4 km away from the sea…

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